Dimensions of ‘Cubic’ Learning: Content

Source: Dimensions of ‘Cubic’ Learning: Content

What Happens When a School District Gives Teens Laptops

School officials at one Hoboken school thought it was a no-brainer to give every student a laptop. Now they’ve decided it was a terrible idea.

Source: www.wnyc.org

Seriously, could you approach this in a more foolhardy way?

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Alphabet Organizer – Create Alphabet Books on Your iPad – iPad Apps for School

“Alphabet Organizer is a free iPad app offered by Read Write Think. The app is designed to help students learn the alphabet and learn new words.”

Source: ipadapps4school.com

Fantastic way to have kids learn by generating their own texts and making more meaning for themselves.

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The History 2.0 Classroom: iPad Hieroglyphics

Over the past few years I have facilitated a number of iPad workshops with teachers from across the country.  One observation that I have made is that when anyone (not just teachers) are new to iPads (or any device), they have a difficult time deciphering the meaning of the icons that appear consistently throughout apps. 

Source: kulowiectech.blogspot.com

Brilliant resource! Wish I’d thought of it, but grateful to have it!

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A Treasure Trove of Digital Citizenship Resources for Teachers

With the increasing use of internet by our kids comes the risks that, if not addressed appropriately, would make this use disastrous. From online predators looming around waiting for their next vic…

Source: globaldigitalcitizen.org

Just having a conversation about this tonight. It’s up to ALL PARENTS to educate themselves, not rely on others, and have a significant trust relationship with your children regarding their use of technology.

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Montgomery County unveils initiative to put 40,000 laptops and tablets in schools

Montgomery County school officials say the project will start with laptops in grades 3,4 and 6.

Source: www.washingtonpost.com

How to restore deleted Google Drive files | Google Gooru

Source: www.googlegooru.com

iPads may help boost speaking skills in kids with autism: study

(HealthDay)—Adding access to a computer tablet to traditional therapy may help children with autism talk and interact more, new research suggests.

Source: medicalxpress.com

"The idea of technology being used to help children who really need different approaches is so important," she said. It’s crucial, however, she agreed, to understand that the iPad "was simply a tool" and that it was an adjunct to the traditional interventions that aimed to improve communication and other developmental advances.

Award-Winning Educator Taps Technology to Layer Instruction

English teacher Diana Neebe helped create her school’s 1-to-1 iPad curriculum. Along the way, she reconceptualized English class.

Source: www.edweek.org

Excellent use of instructional design to improve delivery of lessons in a differentiated model using 1:1 iPads.

4 Free Apps That Teach the Basics of Coding to Kids

For many kids, the thought of creating games is even more exciting than playing them. Supporting their interest in gaming is important because the process of coding promotes problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and communication skills. Below I have listed four apps that are great places to start learning about coding with young kids.

Source: www.weareteachers.com