6 Time-Saving Writing Apps For Students – Edudemic

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By Katie Lapi


“For anyone who has ever had to write a paper, you know that getting the ideas down when they come to you is important. And for those of us who are (ahem) procrastinators (*looks away innocently*) getting the ideas down and the writing done when you’re inspired is key. For those of us who were educated in the dark ages before smartphones and tablets, if you wanted to write on the go you were pretty much out of luck. Now, there are a host of options for organizing your writing and writing on the go with different apps and web tools. Take a look at some of the various writing apps for students below:”

Jim Harmon‘s insight:

I am among the procratinators, which makes it dubious when teaching students how to stay focused and on task with writing. A list worth eyeballing.

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