Chromebooks and iPads: Rivals No More (EdSurge News)

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by Roshni Mirchandani


“Although iPads and Chromebooks target the same industry, they are marketed in different ways. iPads are positioned as recreational tools with a variety of apps, while Chromebooks boast a professional appeal with business-oriented programs.


“But what if they crossed the enemy line, and instead, worked together?


“In my experience, iPads and Chromebooks fulfill different needs, and it’s ultimately up to the school/district to decide which is best suited for their school model and learning environment. But that doesn’t mean they cannot co-exist in harmony. As a Technology Integration Specialist, I’ve used both devices in school settings and observed how each one functions in a learning environment.


“This year, I encouraged my school to integrate both iPads and Chromebooks into the classroom, as the only school in Rhode Island currently adopting a hybrid model of both devices. As a 7th-12th grade arts-integration school, we decided to dedicate the iPads to the middle school and the Chromebooks to the high school. The result? Innovation at its finest.


“First, let’s take a quick look at the unique advantages that each device has to offer.”

Jim Harmon‘s insight:

A review of the differences, advantages and co-useability of the devices.

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